Grapeweb Block Analytics

Grapeweb now includes an exciting new block data analysis package that may include (depending on the reports and data requirements of your winery):

  • Spray record information
    • Amounts of chemical products used each year
    • Number of sprays by type and product
  • Maturity data
    • Graphs of maturity data from grower submissions and winery measurements for each block
  • Tonnage estimates
    • The latest estimate submitted for each year and block
  • Weighnote Tonnage
    • Total tonnage delivered per block 

This analytics package is provided FREE of CHARGE to every Grapeweb grower. We hope you will find this data useful in managing your vineyard business. Or, as a winery staff member, you can now use Grapeweb Block Analytics to view your growers' data in a new feature rich format.

You can access this package by logging into Grapeweb, selecting “Grower Spray Diary” from the main menu and looking for “Block Analytics” on the Grapeweb Vineyard Management(or for wineries, Grapeweb Winery Management) menu. (First time users may experience slow page loads.)

Click PLAY to view a short video introducing the Grapeweb Block Analytics package.