Agsmart - What We Do

Agsmart has provided communications platforms for Australian agriculture sectors since we introduced Dairyweb in 2002. Since then we have expanded our offerings into other agriculture sectors. Our services are predominately web based, but now this means traditional website channels, email, SMS and mobile device apps.

Our customers include major agribusinesses in dairy, wine, fruit and fodder with planned expansion into other sectors in the future. We are a Melbourne based company which develops custom systems in multiple sectors. While each sector has different needs we have been able to build on the commonality between them - after all, each sector invariably includes processors, growers or farmers, and data flowing between them. This is where we come in.

Here are some of our key products:


Since entering the Australian wine industry in 2005, Grapeweb has grown to be the default winery to grower communications platform for many Australian wineries, large and small. Grapeweb is now in use by growers accounting for over 70% of hectares under vine for wine in Australia.

The key component of Grapeweb is our Spray Diary system. We knew from the start that the spray diary had to be fast, simple to use, easily accessible and feature packed. Data entry is either step by step for most growers or all on one page for growers requiring a more streamlined and feature rich method.

The spray diary incorporates a comprehensive database of chemicals in use in Australian vineyards. We manage the products included in the database to ensure it contains products that are actually used and not include products that are not used. The spray diary alerts growers to incorrect usage and calculates earliest harvest dates for wineries to help them with intake.

Grapeweb also includes a raft of reports and data entry forms as well as seemless backend system integration for growers and wineries to send and receive vital information.


The newest product from Agsmart, FarmSmart is a web and mobile device application for on farm record keeping assisting with QA compliance for red meat and dairy farmers. Modules include paddocks, animals, stockfeed, reporting, reminders and notes.

FarmSmart includes a chemical database providing alerts for incorrect usage and paddock withholding periods for grazing.

Animal records can also be included in FarmSmart. Again, FarmSmart includes a treatment product database to guide farmers in usage and availability of animals for milk or meat. FarmSmart does not replace herd recording systems but it does provide a solid platform for QA and farm audit reporting about animals and paddocks.

FodderSafe / FodderCare

FodderSafe is used in the fodder industry export sector to capture chemical application records on paddocks where the crop is destined for export.

The spray diary in FodderSafe is built on the same core functionality as our other spray diary systems in other sectors (winegrapes) and is supported by a chemical database specific to this sector, providing growers and export staff with information about correct and incorrect usage of chemicals. The system includes application rates, withholding periods and growth stage application restrictions and requirements to guide growers or alert export company staff and assist in harvest planning.

FodderCare is similar but simpler than FodderSafe and is intended for use in the non export market where overseas restrictions do not apply.




Our Dairyweb solution has served the Australian dairy industry since 2002. We are the primary electronic communications platform between our milk processor clients and their milk suppliers.

At the heart of Dairyweb is our custom built business / farm / user registration system which provides tailored access to farm reports and tools to users of all descriptions. It is up to each farmer if access is required for staff, family, share farmers, bank managers, vets, consultants - anyone who may be interested in either milk production or financial information about each farm.

Security of data is a prime concern. Each farm owner controls who sees their on farm information and what information they see.

With Dairyweb the milk processor has a cost effective and reliable platform to communicate with milk suppliers.

Dairyweb offers multiple communication channels. While the web provides the backbone of Dairyweb we know that farmers may prefer SMS, email of mobile apps to keep track of their farm information.